Welcome to Meals with MelRob, the blog following my cooking adventure project. I am MelRob, amateur vegan chief, localvore, and food enthusiast. I love cooking and eating, talking about cooking and eating, and talking while cooking and eating, among other things less relevant to this blog.

What is Meals with MelRob?

Meals with MelRob will follow my cooking adventures for the next four months, starting January 2012. Once a week, I will travel to the residences of friends and acquaintances, food and supplies in tow, and cook a meal. Since I spend a lot of time thinking about food, my relationship with food, and eating sustainably, I also want to explore other peoples’ relationships to food and cooking over the course of my journey. Expect conversations and questions related to these topics, recipes, as well as pictures and videos that document the food and connections made along the way. Have an idea or recipe you want me to try? Hit me up.

How was Meals with MelRob born?

Meals with MelRob was born when I realized that I wanted to cook more for both friends and those less familiar to me. In that vein, I posted a Doodle on which close friends, distant acquaintances, and relative strangers were invited to sign up for a meal with MelRob. To my delight, within three days the schedule was full and I was committed to cook eighteen meals for an assortment of friends and acquaintances, some of whom I regularly feed and others with whom I have never spoken extensively. I will also be cooking double features on some weeks, due to popular demand and hunger of other people in my life.

Is there some final cooking adventure to which Meals with MelRob is leading?

Why, yes, there is! I am asking that every person I feed donate a non-perishable [vegan] food item to Meals with MelRob. At the end of April, when I complete the Meals with MelRob schedule, I will create a massive, multi-course meal from the ingredients I receive. The anticipated result: a flavorful culmination of four months of stories, eating and cooking.


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