Meal Eight: Melissa and Zoe

This week, I was privileged to enter the beautiful kitchen and cozy home of Melissa and Zoe. I know some pretty cool people and I will vouch for Melissa and Zoe being two of the coolest. Melissa worked in the same office as me and, having the same name, we decided to get to know each other. I then met Zoe when I agreed to help Melissa on an embarrassing video project, in which Zoe and I pretend to go on a disastrous first date rife with pet-related drama. Life is silly and I like birds.

Blah, blah, blah–you probably want to hear about what we cooked.

The Menu:

– Salted Edamame

– Broccoli (and Red Pepper) Curry Udon, from the Post Punk Kitchen

– Peanut Butter Blondies, again via the Post Punk Kitchen (I just can’t help myself–I am crushing on PPK hard)

Eager for Edamame:

I don’t know when I got hooked on steamed edamame, but it is now a fact of my life. Seaweed salad and edamame generally vii for my favor as appetizer of choice on Japanese-style menus. We boiled the frozen (locally-grown!!) edamame for about five minutes, drained, added a bit of sea salt, and snacked while cooking the main entree.

Melissa and Zoe, showing off the locally grown Edamame from my Locavorious farm share.

Edamame is just one of those veggies that is naturally delicious.

Oooooo, Udon with Broccoli, Red Pepper, and Curry to Boot:

I’m in love with the Post Punk Kitchen. The recipe for the Curried Udon dish we made is another gem from Isa and can be found on here–Post Punk Kitchen. We added red pepper to the mix for deliciously colorful results and had an array of garnishes including toasted sesame seeds, green onions, and bean sprouts.

Red peppers add color and character. I followed the directions on cooking the vegetables separately--cooking the onions and pepper together first in order to assure that all items were perfectly prepared and not mushy.

Just lovely.

Gathered garnish-green onions, bean sprouts, and toasted sesame seeds.

Final product.

Don’t Forget Dessert: Blondies

These absolutely scrumptious and simple Peanut Butter Blondies were crafted via the directions of the Post Punk Kitchen. Don’t leave yourself alone with a pan of these monster-ously delicious baked goods. Really, don’t.

Fresh from the oven!

Transferred to a plate! Hurrah.

My lovely and infinitely charming hosts, Melissa and Zoe.

Ruminations on Inspiration: 

At high noon on the day of this Meal with MelRob, I had no idea what to cook for Melissa and Zoe. So, I browsed the Post Punk Kitchen for some veganspiration, got inspired, and ran to the store on my way over. The end result was one of my most successful MWM yet. Food blogs are great sources of inspiration and my bookmarks are full of delightful blogs I have stumbled upon in the last year, including the PPK and the Vegan Stoner, which I have referenced in earlier posts. The comments generally provide honest and useful feedback, and the pictures always make me want to get all up in my kitchen. I also like to bookmark recipes in my cookbooks for easy access when I find myself bored and listless.

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